Norskedalen Wedding Photo
five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These guys booked us over two years ago. This might make them seem a bit crazy but, thankfully, they are not. :)

2 – The florals are amazing. Duh, because Emma and her sister are event planners and floral designers.

3 – Ray flew his drone and scared poor Emma into thinking a swarm of bees was after her, but he made a lot of friends.

4 – A talent show at a wedding. Unprecedented. And, genius!

5 – Rocky Raccoon has been in our heads during the entire editing process. Thanks a lot, Emma’s Dad.

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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – Danielle + Andrew planned their Camp Wandawega wedding all the way from Los Angeles

2 – The crafty bride created all of the beautiful, handmade florals

3 – Rain was in the forecast for the majority of the day, but held off until the evening, when everyone was under the tent

4 – And then the LIGHT that came out after the storm! It was unlike anything we’ve ever shot in before. Hands down.

5 – This bonfire is bigger in real life than it appears in photos. Crazy Camp Wandawega bonfires.

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Jul 17
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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – This beautiful couple lives in San Francisco…

2 – with their sweet little 3-month-old baby boy.

3 – Brianna and Luke showed zero signs of stress the entire day.

4 – Nothing about this wedding was trying too hard. It just naturally flowed together.

5 – Brianna’s dress is amazing and unlike any we’ve seen before. (But you’ll figure that out pretty quickly.)

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(This post is dedicated to Emma, who said she loves everything about us except that we stink at blogging. xo, dear Emma.) :)

Sometimes we forget that people want to see new content on here. We have a LOT of images on our hard drives, and we print family photos for ourselves, as well as albums for clients but, for the rest of y’all… we’ve neglected you, haven’t we? We’re sorry. We can’t make any promises of how often or regularly we’ll post, but now that we’re back in the heat of summer and weddings, we’ll try harder. We’re not much for adding noise to the internet, so we can at least tell you that it won’t be crazy amounts, that’s for sure.

We’ll start here. With some family photos that were hiding away from our winter travels — enjoy! And feel free to give us your own personal kick in the pants, like sweet Emma. We can take it. :)

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It’s Emma’s childhood home. Her parents moved in there, slightly spontaneously, when she was a mere ten months old and her sister was two years old. A gem of a home on Lake Monona.

Her sister keeps tabs on Emma, subtly checking in to see how she can help or make Emma more comfortable. Exchanging smiles, speaking with eyes, the way best friends communicate.

Her sister-in-law (to-be) quietly and beautifully makes things happen around the home. Not needing to be showy, just genuinely wanting to help. Bring flowers over here. Help Mike get ready over there. Like a choreographed dance, with the grace and poise, too.

Her mother recounts stories of when the girls were younger, how their family traveled the world. She would find deals on flights and they would make spontaneous trips; Paris for a 4-day weekend, why not? Buy tickets two days before they go? Yes. Emma smiles. She was always smiling. So grateful and soaking up the joys and subtleties of the day. She kept telling her family how much she loved them and appreciated them.


So much joy.


Mike greets family and friends, making sure everyone feels welcome and has what they need. It’s almost as if he forgets that people should be serving him, it’s his wedding day! He can’t help it. It’s what he does.

The nervousness of Emma’s father, who would officiate the ceremony, was present — yet he was calm. He would simultaneously give his daughter away, while keeping it all together enough to stand in front of the crowd. He did it well, with passion and great execution. A lawyer by trade, but a father. This day, an officiant for a few minutes, but still… a father. Giving his daughter’s hand to Mike.

Weddings like these are where we do our best. We cannot emphasize this enough. Ok, so maybe we don’t even take better photos (or maybe we do, because we’re in the inner circle — we can get close and not feel like intruders), but the moments just exist so that all we have to do is document them. We can’t create real joy or excitement. When it’s there, we’re drawn to it — and you can’t stop us from capturing that type of joy. When we leave weddings this intimate, it’s kind of emotional for us. Will we ever see these people again? We hope so. We just took part in one of the most exciting days of their lives… and now we just… leave. It seems so odd. Like we can’t say goodbye enough.

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