LuSa Organics Title SlideThe fact that Ray and I work together, basically full-time, is sometimes shocking to those first hearing it. One of the most-asked questions I receive is something like this, “Wow, don’t you guys get sick of each other?” I’m not as confused by the question anymore, because I understand the perspective, but my answer is usually, “No, not really, we’ve pretty much always done it this way, so it’s kind of all we know. We love it — really — we really love it.” Of course, if you get to know us personally, we’ll gladly peel off the layers of business life overlapping with personal life and reveal all of the chaos and frustrations and inconveniences that come with it. But the overarching theme is that it’s worth it and we value it, so we keep on pressing on!

All this to say, we do know a handful of families who get it. Rachel and Pete of LüSa Organics are one of them. I might argue that their lives are even more intertwined than ours because they have added farm life to their venn diagram, which already included business/family/homeschooling! So, being able to photograph their process, with all of the overlapping of business and family life that comes with it, was a treat. Not only did we get to come home smelling super great, we also were able to see the actual hard work (and time, so much time!) that goes into a process like creating goat milk soap.

Rachel and Pete own a small organic body care company called LüSa Organics. (Their business is named after their children, Lupine and Sage.) Along with a small troupe of helpers, they handcraft, hand cut, hand pour, and hand label every LüSa Organics item in their studio, right here in Viroqua. It’s a labor of love; every recipe comes out of Rachel’s head and heart, and some of the ingredients are grown or produced right on their farm. And the process of soap-making is really beautiful. Here’s a look:

We photographed this in a few stages, to cover a variety of what takes place throughout the seasons (mostly pointing this out for those of you with keen eyes who notice subtle things like clothing changes and children who look a tad bit older). :)

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Something happens when spring hits here in the Midwest. The tiny green buds on the trees breathe new life into us, inspiration hits. It’s incredible and yet a bit frustrating that winter always seems to hold on for so long. I suppose there’s part of the reasoning as to why we try to escape the Wisconsin winters and explore new places. Truly, when spring arrives, there is something deep in our bones that screams, new life! And so here we are again, just running with it.

These images are some extras from a recent shoot we did for Society6 of the crazy talented artist, Landon Sheely. You can view their feature here and learn more about Landon and his artwork here.

Happy spring.

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Nov 24
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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These two live in NYC. Julian was born and raised in Greenwich Village. (That still kind of blows my mind, Julian.)

2 – They’re both psychotherapists but we never felt like they were analyzing us. ;)

3 – So many happy tears at this wedding, too. Keep the happy tears coming, friends!

4 – Quotes like this from a bride make our hearts sing: “To me, the most important investment for our day is our photographers, and it was first on my mind – I hope our day is going to be filled with personality, nature, and artistry and I don’t think anyone could do better at capturing these things visually for us and our loved ones to cherish!”

5 – As you can see from point #4, these two went above and beyond to make us feel like a king and queen. They contacted even before they set their date or found a venue, they adjusted their budget, and they wrote us multiple little love-note-emails to let us know how excited they were for us to be at their wedding. Are you kidding us? Thanks for choosing US, guys!

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Nov 08
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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These two live in Seattle. Many of you already know about our love for the PNW so this little fact made us instant fans of them.

2 – Alex is a touring musician and Kristen works in urban agriculture and Seattle’s food scene, so of course, their wedding was filled with great tunes and awesome food.

3 – Underground Food Collective. Yum.

4 – So many happy tears! We always tell the couple’s family members not to worry, we love happy criers. ;)

5 – We’re a little crazy when it comes to nailing the golden hour. This one was a close call, but OH MAN, we’re fans of that glowy sun.

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Oct 21
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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – The Farm at Dover might just be our favorite wedding barn in Wisconsin. And that’s saying a lot, because there are quite a few wedding barns in this state.

2 – The best line of the day goes to one of Julie’s bridesmaids when they were all asked “Do you guys have a hashtag?” She replied, “A hashtag? Um, no. we’re too old for that.” (Clearly, they’re not.) haha!

3 –These two got engaged while camping and hiking in Banff National Park. We’re a little jealous.

4 – We spotted a vintage Vernon County Fair sign (which takes place in our little city) in the Grainery! Ray was tempted to steal it but, don’t worry, he would never.

5 – You know you’re on real farmland when a trailer full of round bales drives right behind the ceremony just as it’s about to begin. :)

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