Nov 24
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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These two live in NYC. Julian was born and raised in Greenwich Village. (That still kind of blows my mind, Julian.)

2 – They’re both psychotherapists but we never felt like they were analyzing us. ;)

3 – So many happy tears at this wedding, too. Keep the happy tears coming, friends!

4 – Quotes like this from a bride make our hearts sing: “To me, the most important investment for our day is our photographers, and it was first on my mind – I hope our day is going to be filled with personality, nature, and artistry and I don’t think anyone could do better at capturing these things visually for us and our loved ones to cherish!”

5 – As you can see from point #4, these two went above and beyond to make us feel like a king and queen. They contacted even before they set their date or found a venue, they adjusted their budget, and they wrote us multiple little love-note-emails to let us know how excited they were for us to be at their wedding. Are you kidding us? Thanks for choosing US, guys!

GroveRedfieldEstateWedding02GroveRedfieldEstateWedding01 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding03 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding04 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding05 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding06 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding07 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding08 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding09 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding10 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding11 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding12 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding13GroveRedfieldEstateWedding15 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding14 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding17 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding18 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding19 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding20_aGroveRedfieldEstateWedding25 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding22 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding23 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding27 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding28 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding29 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding30 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding31 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding33 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding34 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding35 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding36 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding37 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding39 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding40 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding42 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding43GroveRedfieldEstateWedding41 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding45_bGroveRedfieldEstateWedding46 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding47 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding49 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding50 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding52 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding53 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding54_a GroveRedfieldEstateWedding57 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding58_a GroveRedfieldEstateWedding60 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding61 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding62 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding63 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding65GroveRedfieldEstateWedding64 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding68GroveRedfieldEstateWedding66GroveRedfieldEstateWedding67 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding71GroveRedfieldEstateWedding70 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding72 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding73 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding75 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding76 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding77 GroveRedfieldEstateWedding78

Nov 08
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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These two live in Seattle. Many of you already know about our love for the PNW so this little fact made us instant fans of them.

2 – Alex is a touring musician and Kristen works in urban agriculture and Seattle’s food scene, so of course, their wedding was filled with great tunes and awesome food.

3 – Underground Food Collective. Yum.

4 – So many happy tears! We always tell the couple’s family members not to worry, we love happy criers. ;)

5 – We’re a little crazy when it comes to nailing the golden hour. This one was a close call, but OH MAN, we’re fans of that glowy sun.

FolkloreVillageWedding002 FolkloreVillageWedding003 FolkloreVillageWedding004_a FolkloreVillageWedding006 FolkloreVillageWedding007 FolkloreVillageWedding009 FolkloreVillageWedding010 FolkloreVillageWedding011 FolkloreVillageWedding012 FolkloreVillageWedding013 FolkloreVillageWedding014 FolkloreVillageWedding015 FolkloreVillageWedding016 FolkloreVillageWedding017_a FolkloreVillageWedding019 FolkloreVillageWedding021_a FolkloreVillageWedding024 FolkloreVillageWedding026 FolkloreVillageWedding027 FolkloreVillageWedding028 FolkloreVillageWedding031FolkloreVillageWedding030FolkloreVillageWedding029FolkloreVillageWedding033FolkloreVillageWedding032 FolkloreVillageWedding034 FolkloreVillageWedding035 FolkloreVillageWedding036 FolkloreVillageWedding037 FolkloreVillageWedding038 FolkloreVillageWedding039 FolkloreVillageWedding040 FolkloreVillageWedding041 FolkloreVillageWedding042_a FolkloreVillageWedding044 FolkloreVillageWedding046 FolkloreVillageWedding047 FolkloreVillageWedding048 FolkloreVillageWedding049_a FolkloreVillageWedding051_a FolkloreVillageWedding053 FolkloreVillageWedding054 FolkloreVillageWedding055 FolkloreVillageWedding056 FolkloreVillageWedding057 FolkloreVillageWedding058 FolkloreVillageWedding059 FolkloreVillageWedding062 FolkloreVillageWedding065FolkloreVillageWedding064 FolkloreVillageWedding066 FolkloreVillageWedding067 FolkloreVillageWedding068 FolkloreVillageWedding069 FolkloreVillageWedding072 FolkloreVillageWedding073 FolkloreVillageWedding075 FolkloreVillageWedding077 FolkloreVillageWedding078 FolkloreVillageWedding079 FolkloreVillageWedding080 FolkloreVillageWedding081 FolkloreVillageWedding083 FolkloreVillageWedding084 FolkloreVillageWedding085 FolkloreVillageWedding086 FolkloreVillageWedding087 FolkloreVillageWedding088 FolkloreVillageWedding089 FolkloreVillageWedding090 FolkloreVillageWedding091 FolkloreVillageWedding092 FolkloreVillageWedding093 FolkloreVillageWedding095 FolkloreVillageWedding097 FolkloreVillageWedding098 FolkloreVillageWedding099 FolkloreVillageWedding100 FolkloreVillageWedding102 FolkloreVillageWedding103 FolkloreVillageWedding104

Oct 21
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five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – The Farm at Dover might just be our favorite wedding barn in Wisconsin. And that’s saying a lot, because there are quite a few wedding barns in this state.

2 – The best line of the day goes to one of Julie’s bridesmaids when they were all asked “Do you guys have a hashtag?” She replied, “A hashtag? Um, no. we’re too old for that.” (Clearly, they’re not.) haha!

3 –These two got engaged while camping and hiking in Banff National Park. We’re a little jealous.

4 – We spotted a vintage Vernon County Fair sign (which takes place in our little city) in the Grainery! Ray was tempted to steal it but, don’t worry, he would never.

5 – You know you’re on real farmland when a trailer full of round bales drives right behind the ceremony just as it’s about to begin. :)

FarmatDoverWedding01_ FarmatDoverWedding03 FarmatDoverWedding04FarmatDoverWedding25FarmatDoverWedding26FarmatDoverWedding27FarmatDoverWedding28_FarmatDoverWedding30FarmatDoverWedding31FarmatDoverWedding11FarmatDoverWedding10FarmatDoverWedding08FarmatDoverWedding05FarmatDoverWedding06 FarmatDoverWedding13_ FarmatDoverWedding15 FarmatDoverWedding16 FarmatDoverWedding17 FarmatDoverWedding18 FarmatDoverWedding19 FarmatDoverWedding20 FarmatDoverWedding21_FarmatDoverWedding24FarmatDoverWedding32 FarmatDoverWedding34 FarmatDoverWedding35 FarmatDoverWedding36 FarmatDoverWedding38FarmatDoverWedding37 FarmatDoverWedding39 FarmatDoverWedding40 FarmatDoverWedding41 FarmatDoverWedding42 FarmatDoverWedding43 FarmatDoverWedding44 FarmatDoverWedding46_ FarmatDoverWedding47 FarmatDoverWedding48 FarmatDoverWedding49 FarmatDoverWedding50 FarmatDoverWedding51_ FarmatDoverWedding53 FarmatDoverWedding54 FarmatDoverWedding55 FarmatDoverWedding58 FarmatDoverWedding59_FarmatDoverWedding57 FarmatDoverWedding61 FarmatDoverWedding62 FarmatDoverWedding63_FarmatDoverWedding67FarmatDoverWedding66 FarmatDoverWedding68_ FarmatDoverWedding70FarmatDoverWedding71_

FarmatDoverWedding74 FarmatDoverWedding75FarmatDoverWedding77 FarmatDoverWedding78 FarmatDoverWedding79 FarmatDoverWedding80 FarmatDoverWedding82 FarmatDoverWedding83 FarmatDoverWedding84FarmatDoverWedding87 FarmatDoverWedding86

amazing florals created by Wood Violet Floral and Design


five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These guys booked us less than two weeks before their wedding; on one of the only Saturdays we had open. Such a wonderful last-minute match!

2 – There are rumors about the history of Camp Dewan being a nudist camp, then a Christian camp, and now a wedding venue / getaway. Eclectic place.

3 –They had an early morning ceremony followed by a pig roast, then a relaxing break in the day, and a late-night food truck.

4 – Whitney and Wolfgang took a midday nap in their little yurt. Highly recommended. Might’ve been the best accidental idea ever.

5 – A tornado warning kept everyone inside for a bit. Just for a half an hour, but still noteworthy, because it was raining like crazy. :)

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Norskedalen Wedding Photo
five things you should know before viewing these images:

1 – These guys booked us over two years ago. This might make them seem a bit crazy but, thankfully, they are not. :)

2 – The florals are amazing. Duh, because Emma and her sister are event planners and floral designers.

3 – Ray flew his drone and scared poor Emma into thinking a swarm of bees was after her, but he made a lot of friends.

4 – A talent show at a wedding. Unprecedented. And, genius!

5 – Rocky Raccoon has been in our heads during the entire editing process. Thanks a lot, Emma’s Dad.

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