April 4, 2014

We’ve been a bit silent over here for the past few months. There are many reasons for the silence, but the biggest one is that I have been growing a baby in my belly (!) and the final months placed me on a couch and gave Ray a new title of Mr. Mom. Oh, and during the early months of my pregnancy, I had a broken foot. So…it’s been a bit of a crazy year for us, and thankfully, almost all of it happened in our off-season.

However, we still haven’t been as responsive as we’d prefer to be, so — to our couples — both past and future, thank you. For your patience with us and your understanding. That we are only human. And that sometimes, life throws a few curveballs. All at the same time. :)

We are truly grateful.

Our latest excuse for not posting anything is the best one we’ve had in awhile. His name is Rio Jude and he was welcomed into our arms on the first day of Spring, March 20th. One of my favorite photos Ray has ever taken of me follows (taken seconds after Rio was born) along with just one of our sweet boy.

We’re elated. What a joy it is to care for this tiny babe!


December 18, 2013

We have one rule that we follow, when it comes to family photos: create an album and make extra copies for parents and grandparents, every year. Surprisingly, we’ve kept this tradition going since our oldest was born. Because of this, we’re forced (in the best way possible) to sort through all our personal photos from the entire year. Thousands and thousands of photos. 

And since we didn’t get to that until the day of the final pre-Christmas printing deadline ;) here are a few photos from the middle of our summer, to enjoy on a wintry December day. Cabin week. Debatably, our favorite week of the whole year.

To see cabin week photos from last summer, head here.

CabinWeek2013_01 CabinWeek2013_02 CabinWeek2013_03 CabinWeek2013_04 CabinWeek2013_05 CabinWeek2013_06 CabinWeek2013_07 CabinWeek2013_08 CabinWeek2013_09 CabinWeek2013_10 CabinWeek2013_11 CabinWeek2013_12 CabinWeek2013_13 CabinWeek2013_14 CabinWeek2013_15 CabinWeek2013_16 CabinWeek2013_17 CabinWeek2013_18 CabinWeek2013_19 CabinWeek2013_20 CabinWeek2013_21 CabinWeek2013_22 CabinWeek2013_23 CabinWeek2013_24 CabinWeek2013_25 CabinWeek2013_26 CabinWeek2013_27 CabinWeek2013_28 CabinWeek2013_29 CabinWeek2013_30 CabinWeek2013_31 CabinWeek2013_32 CabinWeek2013_33 CabinWeek2013_34

November 25, 2013

Erin and Jeremy make amazing food. They also give some of the best hugs. They also recently got married, to each other! :)

We’ve been wanting to blog this one for awhile now, but life has been crazy! Yes, it’s always a bit crazy, but between a broken foot, a ridiculous amount of sickness, and Kelly being pregnant with baby #3 (!) we’ve actually had some valid explanations that, yes, equate to crazy.

We’re only making this post a bit personal because Erin and Jeremy hold a special place in our hearts. We first met each other while we were working at a wedding together; us photographing, them catering. We both kind of fell in love with each other (is it ok to say that, guys?) and have shared many meals and attended many gatherings since. But this one, their very own wedding, surely trumped them all.

They had a quaint ceremony on Friday evening with just close family and a few friends at Unity Chapel followed by a multi-course dinner cooked by Chef Tory Miller from L’Etoile (Erin’s former boss and friend). No bridesmaids or groomsmen – a ceremony for the very closest of close. Saturday was then filled with activities — harvesting vegetables together, scavenger hunts among the farm animals, canoeing, and touring beautiful Spring Green. Then everyone reconvened for a cocktail hour and dinner — enjoying the best appetizers and taco bar around (hands down). Much of the food was grown at their farm at the bottom of the hill,  prepared by Erin + Jeremy, then executed and served by their friends.

It’s hard to keep photos to a minimum, but here’s just a glimpse of the beauty from the day:

ErinJeremyBLOG001b ErinJeremyBLOG004ErinJeremyBLOG006 ErinJeremyBLOG007 ErinJeremyBLOG008 ErinJeremyBLOG009 ErinJeremyBLOG010ErinJeremyBLOG003

ErinJeremyBLOG011 ErinJeremyBLOG012 ErinJeremyBLOG013 ErinJeremyBLOG014 ErinJeremyBLOG015 ErinJeremyBLOG016 ErinJeremyBLOG017ErinJeremyBLOG019 ErinJeremyBLOG020 ErinJeremyBLOG021 ErinJeremyBLOG022 ErinJeremyBLOG023


ErinJeremyBLOG025ErinJeremyBLOG028 ErinJeremyBLOG029ErinJeremyBLOG032 ErinJeremyBLOG033 ErinJeremyBLOG034 ErinJeremyBLOG035ErinJeremyBLOG037 ErinJeremyBLOG038 ErinJeremyBLOG039 ErinJeremyBLOG041 ErinJeremyBLOG042

ErinJeremyBLOG040 ErinJeremyBLOG043 ErinJeremyBLOG044 ErinJeremyBLOG045 ErinJeremyBLOG046ErinJeremyBLOG047b

ErinJeremyBLOG048 ErinJeremyBLOG049ErinJeremyBLOG051 ErinJeremyBLOG052 ErinJeremyBLOG053 ErinJeremyBLOG054 ErinJeremyBLOG055 ErinJeremyBLOG056 ErinJeremyBLOG057 ErinJeremyBLOG058 ErinJeremyBLOG059 ErinJeremyBLOG060 ErinJeremyBLOG061candle

ErinJeremyBLOG062 ErinJeremyBLOG063

and on to day two…

ErinJeremyBLOG064 ErinJeremyBLOG065 ErinJeremyBLOG066 ErinJeremyBLOG067 ErinJeremyBLOG068ErinJeremyBLOG069 ErinJeremyBLOG071ErinJeremyBLOG073 ErinJeremyBLOG074 ErinJeremyBLOG075 ErinJeremyBLOG076 ErinJeremyBLOG077chicken

ErinJeremyBLOG078 ErinJeremyBLOG079 ErinJeremyBLOG080 ErinJeremyBLOG081 ErinJeremyBLOG082 ErinJeremyBLOG083 ErinJeremyBLOG084 ErinJeremyBLOG085

ErinJeremyBLOG098 ErinJeremyBLOG086 ErinJeremyBLOG087 ErinJeremyBLOG088ErinJeremyBLOG090 ErinJeremyBLOG091 ErinJeremyBLOG092 ErinJeremyBLOG093ErinJeremyBLOG095 ErinJeremyBLOG096 ErinJeremyBLOG097 ErinJeremyBLOG099



ErinJeremyBLOG105 ErinJeremyBLOG106 ErinJeremyBLOG107 ErinJeremyBLOG108ErinJeremyBLOG110 ErinJeremyBLOG111ErinJeremyBLOG114 ErinJeremyBLOG115 ErinJeremyBLOG116 ErinJeremyBLOG117 ErinJeremyBLOG118 ErinJeremyBLOG119 ErinJeremyBLOG120 ErinJeremyBLOG121

while we were getting all serious during a few portraits, this gutsy couple asked if I was pregnant. then they smothered me with hugs and kisses. :)
ErinJeremyBLOG124 ErinJeremyBLOG125ErinJeremyBLOG128 ErinJeremyBLOG129



November 12, 2013

If you can’t tell, these photos weren’t taken yesterday. So we’re reminiscing about this warm, fall day from a few weeks ago. Ray met up with Sam + Mara and hiked around beautiful Devil’s Lake (backpacks and bikes included). Kelly was still on crutches from a broken foot at the time, so enjoy a post featuring 100% pure Ray talent paired with 100% pure Sam + Mara cuteness. :)


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October 28, 2013

This was one of those weddings that makes us ask ourselves, do we really get to do this for a living?

Josh + Claire live on a beautiful plot of land in the Green Mountains of Vermont. They quit their day jobs in Boston, around a year ago, bought a house, got engaged, and decided to have their wedding under the apple tree in their yard. Over the last year, they’ve worked like crazy on their home + land, to prepare for their wedding and to get settled into their new homesteading lifestyle. And, if we can say so ourselves, they’re really good at this new lifestyle.

Claire described their wonderfully simple wedding to us like this, “We want to relax and have fun with our family. Our schedule is very simple – ceremony, apps/drinks, then dinner. It’s all happening in our front yard.” They went the unconventional — but lovely — route of having only their family and a couple friends each. Josh’s grandma officiated the ceremony, and Claire’s adorable 84-year-old grandpa was the ring bearer. :) And there was basically no getting ready, no set start time, no seating assignments… it all flowed in a truly organic way.

Josh + Claire have the sweetest families, who cared for us as if WE were part of their family. What an honor it was to be part of this intimate day.


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