Mud and Bugs

Oh my… my search for one thousand gifts keeps getting funnier these days.  When I find myself wanting to shout, “Nooo!”… I, instead, am starting to replace that with, “Is it really that bad?”.  My kids especially love mud and bugs – I will not stomp their joy out.  Bring on the mud bath and the freaky bugs!

-mud, mud, glorious mud =)

-a brave husband who remains calm and enthusiastic when he finds a giant waterbug (as compared to my less-than-composed reaction)

-beautiful and aromatic lilacs from our yard

-a handmade hat from my sweet friend, Liz

-an open Saturday, reserved for relaxing.  (mostly – we did do some work!)



  1. Lovely photos! I love seeing the kiddos! I also love the bokeh (of course)!

  2. Thanks! Yes, bokeh. Been playing with that a bit more lately. =)

  3. this is perfectly lovely in every way. magical.
    i loved bugs and mud when i was a kid, too.

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