May 26, 2011

postedbyRay 1 Wisconsin Wedding I was so excited to ship out my first wedding DVD of the year this week – not because it was done, but because I love the packaging so much!  I searched for a long time to find packaging that integrates well with my brand and I am so satisfied with what I found.

This handmade DVD case gives a natural, earthy feel with it’s green hemp casing as well as with the cream cotton ribbon.  I love how it also gives off a slightly elegant feel – since it will be holding a DVD of photos that will be treasured for years – yet stays an extension of my brand and color palette without stamping my logo onto it.

Each one of my 2011 wedding clients will receive this, holding their very own DVD(s) of wedding images.

MG 3770 Wisconsin WeddingMG 3753 Wisconsin Wedding MG 3764 Wisconsin Wedding MG 3762 Wisconsin WeddingMG 3766 Wisconsin Wedding MG 3782 Wisconsin Wedding MG 3793 Wisconsin Wedding MG 3797 Wisconsin Wedding

  • Cristian says:

    Hello, i found your blog while wandering on internet looking for packages for wedding dvd….and i was really astonished from this packaging you use for your works (by the way…i watched also your site…and i like very much your style for wedding photography!).

    If possible……can you tell me were did you find this kind of packaging you use…since i’ve looked on the internet quite a bit and i couldn’t find anything similar…

    I’m from italy and i’m not a professional, and i would like to use something like that for a ceremony i videotaped a couple of days ago for a couple of friends of mine…..

    If you can tell me where you buy them, it would really help me…….but if you can’t…..thanks anyway for your time…….

    thanks in advance


  • Ray says:

    Sent you an email!

  • Jacob says:

    Hi Ray,

    I have the same question Cristian had. I am trying to find good packaging here in europe and can’t find the right material. I love the things you used, your packaging is amazing. I you could tell me what you used and where you got it, that would be super. Thanks, Jacob

  • Ray says:

    Jacob, somehow I missed your comment until now, sorry about that. The cases above are all from

    All their products have such great texture to them that is unlike pretty much anything else I have seen. And I am pretty sure they ship directly to Europe.

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