we went to camp.

We’ve been on the go. A couple weeks ago, we packed up our bags, slept in a make-shift dorm room, kids skipped naps and stayed up way too late, and we went on many adventures…┬ácaving, climbing, zipping, swimming, canoeing, school bus riding. :) We let our hair fly in the wind, had campfires and made s’mores, and spent a lot of time together as a family. We left refreshed, reminded of the importance of spending time outside in truly the most amazing masterpiece around – God’s creation.

Here are a few glimpses from our adventures at Family Camp:

these next four sets are some Instagram snaps from our iPhones :)


  1. love! sounds like an amazing time.

  2. ahhh, love this. so fun & i bet it was good to get away! the frame labeled #30 is an absolute gem, and now i’m craving s’mores! xoxo

  3. i love this. what a beautiful thing.

  4. Looks amazing! Can not wait till our kids are older to do this!

  5. Tons of fun! :)

  6. the ones on the bus/train (?) are blowing my mind. love the colors and mood. love this post.

  7. wow amazing!!! Great inspiration for me!

  8. you take amazing photos. and your children are precious!

  9. Such cool pics – wish we could come with you to Fam camp one year … MISS YOU GUYS LOTS!

  10. So much fun, and so much summery goodness in this post. Makes me miss working at a summer camp, summer camps are the best.

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