Ben + Jen’s ‘That 70’s Show’ Wedding :)

Ben + Jen’s wedding day was full of lots of family, great food, and a whole warehouse of quirky decor, thanks to the couple’s collection as well as Weddings by Nancy. :) The only thing missing was Ben’s brother, his wife and their brand new baby (born the night before the wedding). Ben and Jen are a hilarious, fun-loving, goofy, vegan couple — we really didn’t know what to expect when we showed up at their wedding. haha. :) But we liked it and we think you will too:

ok, stop to read this for a little laugh :)

Oh! And to view some fun photo booth shots from Eric of Carbon Copy Studios, go here!


  1. Really cool wedding captured gorgeously and so poetically by you two. I always love your dessert photos. I want to eat every cake you ever post.

  2. Love how you tell your photographic stories.

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