take a break.

We really love our work, but we make ourselves take breaks. Because when your office is connected to your home, you can work all the time. Believe us, we’ve been there.

But breaks are good.

There’s really nothing better than taking a week away from work, stress, luxuries, and computer screens. We now do this unapologetically for an entire week right in the middle of our busiest time of the summer. It’s a key ingredient in our salve to prevent burnout. And when we return home, we are refreshed and even excited to work again.

Oh, but we really don’t see taking photos as work. It’s our ‘element’, if you will — that sweet spot where your skills and passions collide, a term coined by Sir Ken Robinson — so we didn’t take a break from that. :)

Here is a glimpse into some of our adventures!



  1. what a lovely post!!! i felt like i was right there with you, enjoying a little break. thanks for glimpse into your travels. xx

  2. beauty in its purest sense. loved looking through these, guys. glad to know you. xx, am.

  3. oh these are beautiful beyond description. i want to live inside these photos for a day.

  4. Love the pic of Ray jumping off the dock!

  5. Seriously so good. The trip looks like it was great, but the photos are just so pretty & full of the best things about vacation. It also kind of cracked me up the post started with a shot of hand-grinding coffee, in the car?! Awesome. .

  6. such wonderful photos as always. Loving the stop motion.

  7. Loved all the pics, but I’m wondering if the puppy came home with all the laundry?!?

  8. those are so good!! i love the deep blues in so many of your pictures! Also love the stop motion of ray jumping…and kelly you are just a beauty!!

  9. LOVE these, Kelly and Ray!! Love love love!

  10. magical. absolutely.

  11. What fantastic pix! Details are phenominal and looks like everyone had a fabulous time.. fun on the lake and at the cottage..that’s what it’s all about! Wish we could have been there too..Thanks for sharing!!! L & L

  12. I’m heading to a lake in central Wisconsin for a wedding this weekend and I was already looking forward to it, but this just made me antsy to get there and soak in as much peaceful escapism with loved ones as I possibly can in one weekend! What a beautiful vacation you had, and a beautiful family you have!

  13. love it…and you snapped one of a fish jumping out of water?! freakin’ awesome!

  14. Beyond words to describe! Your children are gorgeous and beautiful subjects. All the shots show your clever eye to see the unusual and then capture it for those of us, less talented, to see..

  15. looks like such a lovely time! the gifs are super fun and oh that puppy :)

  16. these are SO FUN!!!!!!!! love the one of Ray jumping off the dock. You can just FEEL it.

  17. you guys! are you serious???? yall are blowing our minds over here with the images you are creating. we are absolutely in awe of the beauty and whimsey of it all! each post is delightful. well done, friends.

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