Brian + Anne’s Wedding in a Peaceful Valley

If you haven’t yet heard of Norskedalen, you’re missing out and we will show it to you today. ¬†And if you haven’t yet met Brian and Anne (pronounced “annie”) you’re also missing out. :) They are one of the sweetest couples we’ve had the pleasure of photographing; light-hearted, genuine, peaceful, and, well, we bet you would like them. :)

Brian is the kind of guy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions. It always tugs our heartstrings a bit when a groom cries — we love it and think it speaks volumes about how he cares for the lady he is going to marry.

We hope you enjoy this little glimpse of sweetness from Brian + Anne’s wedding day.

we made a little stop at their home to feed bella :)


  1. lovely as always!!!

  2. I am crying! sooooo beautiful!

  3. So good you guys!!!

  4. oooh so gorgeous!

  5. this is really, really beautiful.

  6. oh-mah-wordy. loved these SO much.

  7. Thank you Ray + Kelly, we love them!

  8. I bawled!! Not really, but I thought the pix captured the day

  9. I love looking at these over and over again. Such beauty of nature, family and friends…..and Bride!

  10. i don’t think I have enough words to describe how much i love this post. you guys are blowing our minds over here. ps, come visit.

  11. guys. GUYS. what?! Whole thing looks like some crazy dreamscape. insane work.

  12. what ash said. including the ‘come visit’ part. oh wait — i see you today … perfect :)

  13. Just stopping by. Really love these. The details are always my favorite and the ring bearer and flower girls are super cute. Great work as always.

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