Clean out the barn, nail together an arch, can the jam and let’s have a party.

Weddings take a lot of work.   A    l o t .  Especially when it takes place at a family member’s home and there’s more than an acre of land – or, say, 70 acres.

Leah + Steve, with the help of many, many hands of family, friends, and neighbors poured their heart, sweat and energy into preparing the home where Leah grew up, and maintaining the apple orchard and surrounding land for their wedding. They cleaned out the barn, created an arch out of reclaimed wood from a barn down the road, she and her mother picked raspberries back when they were ripe and canned them, saving them for the guests who would jump on a school bus — after arriving from all over the country — and step foot onto the land where Leah used to run and play. And these are only a few of the projects that were involved in preparing for this day. :) Like I said, weddings take a lot of work. You guys know already know that. But for reeaaal, this was worth it.

Days like this are some of our absolute favorite. Meaningful, backyard, handmade, homemade, homegrown, relaxed goodness. Now go ahead, enjoy some of what we experienced, will you?


  1. you see the deeper meaning in the photos. and there is so much joy in their wedding! so, so, so beautiful.

  2. I love that you do gifs as well; not many wedding photographers do them, and it’s SO refreshing to see them done well! beautifulbeautiful pictures, as always!!

  3. oh man, i don’t know what to say except i love this wedding and the way you are showing it here.

  4. okay — i’ve looked about 6 times now at every photo. i just really love it. i wish i had better words. you guys really inspire me.

  5. Simply amazing! I love everything you captured of Leah and Steve’s wedding!!! AMAZING!

  6. Brilliant. Well done, friends :)

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