a boy named Andrew proposed to a girl named Anna… and we saw it happen!

A few months ago we received a sweet email from a girl named Anna, saying this:

“You don’t know me, but I am probably your biggest fan. I’m not getting married soon. I’m not even engaged. But when my boyfriend of 4+ years pops the question (which is hopefully soon!), I assure you that you are going to hear about it within a day because I CANNOT WAIT to fill out that contact form on your website!”

A few months after that, we received an excited email from a boy named Andrew, saying this:

“You might remember a girl named Anna who basically sent you a fan-email. That’s my girlfriend and… I just bought a ring!”

Fast forward through a few more emails, some secret phone calls and text messages… to a chilly – but sunny – late November day.

We’ve been part of secret proposals before, but we’ve never photographed one together. And we were seriously more nervous than Andrew was, we think. :)

Because Anna already knew of us, Andrew decided to have us be the “surprise”. He told her he had an early Christmas present for her, but she would have to wait to find out. We watched as they pulled up and then saw Anna notice us, with tears in her eyes. :) We were so flattered; she was excited about us?! Just wait, Anna…

So we continued the session, playing games and laughing a lot, just as we normally would, but three out of the four of us knew something would happen after a little while…

The final surprise of the day came when we pulled up to his parents’ home, where all of their closest family and friends were waiting for them. We’ll leave you with one image of that because, what’s a good story, if it doesn’t leave you wanting more? :)

*Props to Andrew for all his planning. :)



  1. It’s not every day you get to witness true love:)

  2. awesome, silers, but i wouldn’t expect anything less!!! xxoo

  3. magical. what a precious day to have forever! :)

  4. oh yay you guys! this is just the best. awesome awesome :)

  5. ooohhh amazing! this is so fabulous. I got teary just looking at it!

  6. Every moment was captured so beautifully….loved this:)

  7. Awesome….that was so neat….

    Congratulations from the Goebel’s!

    Jeff, Cindy and Nicole

  8. I think this is one of my favorite “storytelling” spreads you guys have done. I’m sure they’ll treasure these photos for a lifetime and more. =)

  9. I’ve been waiting to see these pictures and they did not disappoint! Great job, R+K!

  10. So sweet! My husband wasn’t able to surprise me with his proposal, but he did surprise me with having our family awaiting us at home too! Props to Andrew on pulling all that off. :)

  11. oh my gosh. these are WONDERFUL! and I totally got goosebumps like 10 images in….truth!

  12. You touched our hearts with this photo and story spread. This Aunt in Oklahoma is delighted to share in the engagement through the emotions captured so perfectly here.

  13. Such a sweet story and a perfect double surprise.

  14. Oh you guys, this is so stinking sweet!
    How special to document a proposal, they’re going to cherish these shots forever.

  15. So sweet! I love this whole session. Especially the silhouette photos. <3

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