Steve + Bernadette — An Endless Pursuit Photography

We like these guys. We met them over a year ago at the Breadwinners Workshop in KC and have since Skyped with them enough times to make it feel like we’re actually neighbors (if only…!). Then, a few weeks ago, they asked about having us come out to Washington, DC area to take some photos of them. We thought about it for maybe a second or two and, before we knew it, flights were booked and we were on our way to the – slightly more sunny than Wisconsin in April – Virginia!

Meet our friends, Steve + Bernadette, of An Endless Pursuit Photography:






  1. So great. :)

  2. how awesome is this shoot! these two rock so hard and this shoot is just gorgeous!

  3. oh, these are just wonderful. :)

  4. I hate that your pictures are so amazingly beautifully good. WHERE DOES THIS KIND OF TALENT COME FROM. WHERE DO I BUY IT. hehehehe lol. these pictures are so so so beautiful, guys. and those two lovebirds are just lovely.

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