Sam + Mara at Devil’s Lake

If you can’t tell, these photos weren’t taken yesterday. So we’re reminiscing about this warm, fall day from a few weeks ago. Ray met up with Sam + Mara and hiked around beautiful Devil’s Lake (backpacks and bikes included). Kelly was still on crutches from a broken foot at the time, so enjoy a post featuring 100% pure Ray talent paired with 100% pure Sam + Mara cuteness. :)


SamMaraBlog02 SamMaraBlog03 SamMaraBlog04 SamMaraBlog05 SamMaraBlog06 SamMaraBlog07 SamMaraBlog08 SamMaraBlog09 SamMaraBlog10 SamMaraBlog11 SamMaraBlog12 SamMaraBlog13 SamMaraBlog14 SamMaraBlog15 SamMaraBlog16 SamMaraBlog17 SamMaraBlog18 SamMaraBlog19 SamMaraBlog20 SamMaraBlog21 SamMaraBlog22 SamMaraBlog23 SamMaraBlog24 SamMaraBlog25 SamMaraBlog26 SamMaraBlog27 SamMaraBlog28 SamMaraBlog29 SamMaraBlog30




  1. yay! love it!

  2. Those were awesome! I’m so darn happy for the two of you. Thanks for sharing. LuvYa!

  3. Great Pics!

  4. wordy! SO SO pretty! amazing location and stunning pictures.

  5. Pure sweetness, lovely series! :)

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