At The Cabin

We have one rule that we follow, when it comes to family photos: create an album and make extra copies for parents and grandparents, every year. Surprisingly, we’ve kept this tradition going since our oldest was born. Because of this, we’re forced (in the best way possible) to sort through all our personal photos from the entire year. Thousands and thousands of photos.¬†

And since we didn’t get to that until the day of the final pre-Christmas printing deadline ;) here are a few photos from the middle of our summer, to enjoy on a wintry December day.¬†Cabin week. Debatably, our favorite week of the whole year.

To see cabin week photos from last summer, head here.


CabinWeek2013_02 CabinWeek2013_03 CabinWeek2013_04 CabinWeek2013_05 CabinWeek2013_06 CabinWeek2013_07 CabinWeek2013_08 CabinWeek2013_09 CabinWeek2013_10 CabinWeek2013_11 CabinWeek2013_12 CabinWeek2013_13 CabinWeek2013_14 CabinWeek2013_15 CabinWeek2013_16 CabinWeek2013_17 CabinWeek2013_18 CabinWeek2013_19 CabinWeek2013_20 CabinWeek2013_21 CabinWeek2013_22 CabinWeek2013_23 CabinWeek2013_24 CabinWeek2013_25 CabinWeek2013_26 CabinWeek2013_27 CabinWeek2013_28 CabinWeek2013_29 CabinWeek2013_30 CabinWeek2013_31 CabinWeek2013_32 CabinWeek2013_33 CabinWeek2013_34


  1. so great guys! dock jumping sounds incredible right about now.

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