Artist Stories


We’ve been (im)patiently waiting to start showing some images from a little side project that has been hiding on our hard drives for way too long. Recently, we started to focus on photographing local artists/creators and the spaces where they create. We strive to live our lives simply and fill our home with local and handmade items, so we find that we’re most inspired by those types of creations. Things that have a story and will last lifetimes.


What we’re doing:
We’re focusing on artistans within the Driftless Region of Wisconsin, an area that is absolutely flooded with artistic talent. We visit artists in their studio/home/workspace and document them, doing what they do. We ask lots of questions and study the process of how they create. We love that something messy can turn into something beautiful and something imperfect can perfected.

We plan to do at least 5-10 of these photo stories over the next year or two and will showcase a handful of them on the blog, so check back here (or follow us on facebook) for updated links to the complete list of the stories we show.


Well, we really love photographing weddings. It’s a wonderful job with a ton of perks but, for the most part, we always have *some* idea of what to expect. Because we thrive on having some sense of unknown, this side project has been keeping us curious and inquisitive. Our approach to life pours over into how we use our cameras… we look for little details, we act like we’re on a treasure hunt, we try to find things that no one else will notice… and we’re always, always fascinated by the process of how events unfold.

Ray loves researching anything, so our interviews and studio/shop visits satisfy that need for him. And Kelly loves inspiring stories – people who do things a bit differently than the norm. We both love getting a glimpse into an artistic process/vision that is different than our own and seeing the inside of spaces that are used to create.


The stories:

Avalanche Looms

Sanborn Canoe Co

(and many more to come!)

Please contact us if you’d like us to tell your story! :) Write to us at hello (at) rayandkelly (dot) net or via our contact form.