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Our three-year-old daughter is in this stage of asking us, “do I look pretty?” Most of the time, she’s referring to something she has dressed up in. We’ve been trying to teach her that her beauty isn’t shown through her clothing choices, but through the attitude of her heart, which can be reflected through her face — her smile, her eyes — but also through her kindness to others. As we were editing the images from Katy + Dan’s wedding we said to each other, multiple times, she is so pretty! She smiled the entire day — through the rain, the changes in schedule, the unknown of when dancing/music might begin… seriously, she was smiling and full of joy all day long!

In Dan’s father’s speech, he remembered first asking Dan about Katy, and how he would be able to make her happy. Dan replied, “No one has to make Katy happy, she just IS happy.”

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Whenever we leave a wedding like the one we’re about to show you, we just look at each other in disbelief and say, can you believe they let us be there with them?!

David + Heather planned an intimate, weekday wedding, with only their parents and a niece as their guests. When they first wrote us, they told us, “We are very simple, down-to-earth people. We’re not fancy or glitzy. And photography is our highest priority.” Truly, our kind of people. We adore these two and were honored to document their wonderfully sweet wedding.

Also, Camp Wandawega is pretty awesome.

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I think it’s safe to say that we’re all ready for winter to be over. Truthfully, we’re always a bit hesitant to schedule engagement sessions in the winter and yes, it’s because we’re wimps about the cold. :) But when there’s a fluke day that makes Midwesterners think that it feels like summer (when, actually, it’s only in the 40s), then we’re up for heading outside with our cameras. Warm sun, beautiful light, and no bulky winter coats needed — the perfect day for a winter engagement session.

Here are just a few images of the adorable Jason + Kasey!

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A few months ago we received a sweet email from a girl named Anna, saying this:

“You don’t know me, but I am probably your biggest fan. I’m not getting married soon. I’m not even engaged. But when my boyfriend of 4+ years pops the question (which is hopefully soon!), I assure you that you are going to hear about it within a day because I CANNOT WAIT to fill out that contact form on your website!”

A few months after that, we received an excited email from a boy named Andrew, saying this:

“You might remember a girl named Anna who basically sent you a fan-email. That’s my girlfriend and… I just bought a ring!”

Fast forward through a few more emails, some secret phone calls and text messages… to a chilly – but sunny – late November day.

We’ve been part of secret proposals before, but we’ve never photographed one together. And we were seriously more nervous than Andrew was, we think. :)

Because Anna already knew of us, Andrew decided to have us be the “surprise”. He told her he had an early Christmas present for her, but she would have to wait to find out. We watched as they pulled up and then saw Anna notice us, with tears in her eyes. :) We were so flattered; she was excited about us?! Just wait, Anna…

So we continued the session, playing games and laughing a lot, just as we normally would, but three out of the four of us knew something would happen after a little while…

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Trying to write something about this wedding in a concise way is really overwhelming right now.

Overwhelming, in a good way.

When we received Jonathan + Ariel’s initial inquiry they told us their wedding – in three words – would be: simple, small, and lovely.

We tell our couples that we come to their wedding as family or close friends — and Jonathan and Ariel took us seriously.  It was only their immediate family.


And us.


So we, along with less than 20 other people, had the joy of witnessing them exchange their unique, hand-written vows, which were filled with passion and delivered with no reservations on an unusually warm and very sunny October day in Wisconsin. With just enough leaves on the trees to still make it feel like fall.

After the ceremony, on our drive back to Jonathan’s parent’s home, we saw a horse training facility in the Middle of Nowhere, WI. Ariel is an avid horseback rider and is the manager of an equestrian facility outside of LA, so we knew we had to pull over and ask the owners if we could take a few photos there. :) As you’ll see, they kindly let us wander their grounds and it was so fun watching Ariel with the horses. She was in her element and it was beautiful. Jonathan is an extremely talented graphic designer, you can thank him for a few TOMS catalogs :) but he’s also into photography and  architecture. His appreciation for architecture most likely comes from his father, who is an architect in the area and recently designed his own home, where the reception took place.

We could tell you more about their families and more about the non-showy speeches and lovely reception, because there was no pressure. No big crowd. No script needing to be followed. Just love conveyed through words and actions, confirming that their parents love them. But we’re trying to keep this from becoming a novel.

I’ll end with this – one of my favorite images from the day is of Ariel, sitting on the floor of her brand new in-law’s beautiful home, sharing dinner with… us. When we say we were honored to be a part of this wedding, we’re not exaggerating. We truly felt like honored guests, who happened to be taking a lot of photos. :)

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